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Who we are

JPY Exchange Support is a pioneer of currency exchange service provider in Japan, which is one of the fastest-growing currency exchange market in the world. Since we launched our solutions with a breakthrough idea in 2015, we have been the front-runner in combination with exchange machine operation, repurchase, wholesale and strategic consultation.

The service bland JPY Exchange Support is owned and operated by CURRENCY WORKS which was founded in 2008 to start with cash (banknotes and coins) logistic service and wholesale of cash-deposit-machines. We provide fit-to-order solutions for any types of clients with reasonable cost. With clients of more than 1,500 site of retailers, offices, public facilities, we have obtained a reputation as one of the most successful independent player in the conservative market.

Our valued business assets such as a nation-wide network of cash logistics, clearing and machine maintenance obtained through long-term close partnership with logistic companies, banks and manufacturers makes JPY Exchange Support reliable and different from other followers which have no appropriate background. We have been and will be the right partner you can trust.



Company Name CURRENCY WORKS Co., Ltd.
WEB Site http://www.currencyworks.co.jp  (Japanese only)
Founded Feb. 2008
Address 2-10-3 Kojimachi Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
102-0083, Japan
CEO Teruhisa Takatsuki



Our services

Exchange Machine

Clients can pick the suitable model depends on situation (hotel or shop), usage (with or without staff) and budget. 

automatic foreign exchange machine


Money changer support

money exchange Japan

・online rate distribution
・machine maintenance (including update of banknotes)
・regulatory reporting
・finance and leasing
・back office outsourcing



money exchange Tokyo

Our rate is very competitive of course. But if you are a best rate hunter, we may not be your final destination. We believe the valued services such as low cost delivery, prompt settlement and rate hedge make us special and contribute your profit better than “just a tiny basis points”.

As for currencies, mainly we are focused on the inbound (to Japan) majors such as USD, EUR, CNY, HKD, TWD, KRW, THB, SGD, MYR, PHP, IDR, VND, GBP, CAD, AUD, NZD, CHF, RUB …etc.

Cash logistics

money exchange Tokyo
We provide a nation-wide cash delivery and collection service for money changer. Also, we supply banknote/coin/journal slip directly from/to ATM exchange machines to save machine owners time.

Cash management

Automatic process of cash IN/OUT transactions contributes to accurate cash management and prevention of mistake/fraud by employees. We provide a variety of bank-quality machines for FRONT/BACK office use.


money deposit machine


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